Driving Dignity in Wales - Toolkit

'Dignity is like the plant in your kitchen window, if you keep a 'thoughtful' eye on it and look after it well it will thrive and blossom, but too much heavy handed watering can do as much harm as none'
Minister Welcomes Dignity Toolkit

Minister welcomes Dignity Toolkit

"The dignity toolkit is excellent and incredibly useful in explaining how we ensure that dignity in care is promoted."
Gwenda Thomas AM
"The toolkit is about bringing together best practice from across Wales so that we can learn from each other."
Mario Kreft MBE, Chairman of CFW

If you have any ideas you would like to share on this site email them to us. Thank you

This toolkit has been developed with the help of Practitioners and Managers working in social care in Wales. It contains a selection of material they believe may be useful when carrying out induction, running refresher CPD seminars or just in general staff training.

It will grow and develop as we hope you and other people who use this site send in ideas, new links and signpost other materials you found to be most useful in 'driving dignity' throughout the sector. This is a selection of materials for you to use in the way that best suits your setting and the people you are working with.

You can tailor the presentations to use in your in-house training programmes and if you can improve it or offer new ideas or links to other materials please share your ideas with us. The best way to use it is to open and browse through the material on the site and download the parts that you think may be most useful to you. We hope it will act as a stimulus for you to develop your own programme.

It isn't a rigid programme; it doesn't flow or follow any fixed pattern, it is not set at any 'level'. It is a 'Pick 'n mix' selection of ideas. Hundreds of Practitioners Care Practitioners, Managers, Sector stakeholders and people using services in Wales contributed towards the first materials available on this site. Members of the ABC Drama Group in Caerwys supported the audio-visual presentations by giving an insight into the importance of dignity to them and we hope to be able to provide more short training films in future.

We can't name everyone, but thank you to all those who offered help and shared their experiences and commitment to working in ways that promote everyone’s dignity (you know who you are).

None of this work could have been done without the support of Welsh Government and Care Forum Wales. Following is a list of toolkit contents. You can click through to view and download the elements you want to use. Remember to go into 'view' and 'notes page' as this is where we have included guidance on the aims of the exercise and the underpinning concepts.

Tool Format General Notes
(Remember to look at the 'notes page'
within Powerpoint slides to see more specific notes)
Personal preferences if I moved into residential care Exercise A good warm up exercise to make us all think about small but important 'losses'. A well used but very good induction warm up but also strong 'anchor point' even for experienced practitioners. Download
My morning routine Exercise A good warm up exercise emphasising similarities and differences in patterns, the importance of patterns and the anxiety that can be caused by change to our own small 'rituals'. Download
What Dignity means to you Presentation and exercise Works well with film 'what dignity means to me' as stimulus for discussion. Download
What Dignity means to me Films Works well with above as prompts for debate. Available soon
What Dignity means and tools to embed Presentation (3 slides) Combined view of workshop delegates. Useful stimulus to look at and discuss how this sits with Dignity Charters, how well practitioners feel tools are used in their organisation and whether there are other tools they use. If so please let us know so we can share in this toolkit! Download
CFW and SCIE Charters Presentation Stimulus when discussing what dignity means Download
Impact of media Exercise Useful to stimulate discussion on attitudes to ageing and open up group experiences / changes in attitudes. Download
Principles of Person Centred Care Presentation (3 slides) Short stimulus prompted by Practitioners in Wales concerned that PCP may be losing its way / focus / power Download
Changing the power balance Exercise Stimulus to make us recognise we have a lot of power in our work. To understand that this power can be used well for the benefit of others or can easily be unintentionally misused. It gives an insight into our own responses to loss of power that helps us understand others better. Download
Look Closer One page ‘poem’ The words to the popular ‘Look closer…see ME’ film that can be purchased from Amanda Waring website (see links later) Download
The impact of language Presentation (1 slide) and exercise Encourages debate about use of the term 'political correctness' and makes us focus on the impact of 'careless' or 'short-form' use if language. Download
Barriers to Dignity Exercise Useful stimulus to encourage debate about what people say are the barriers to / reasons why dignity in care in not achieved and how to overcome. Download
Perception of Dignity and self Exercise Exercise to show we can become de-sensitised to boundries. Download
Understanding 'Layers' of Dignity Presentation A good introduction to Dignity sessions to encourage debate. Download
The importance of our support networks Presentation and Exercise Using our own experiences and perceptions to have a deeper understanding of the impact others have on our self –esteem, identity, dignity and general well-being. Download
The Power of Storytelling Presentation and Exercise Presents the power and role of story telling and encourages discussion of powerful stories that help embed dignity. Download
Dignity Stories Presentation Examples of stories that came out of toolkit workshop Download
How to download films Helpsheet A legal and free method of expanding your training toolkit you can also download films from SCIE Social Care TV Download
Useful links Links

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)
The Dignity in Care network hosted by SCIE www.dignityincare.org.uk
The 'Look at Me' film was considered very useful which can be ordered from


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