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19th September 2016

New tool aimed at care homes developed for use in assessing falls

A new toolkit has been developed for use in care homes when someone has had a fall. It is designed to provide a checklist for clarity when calling for help – and to help decide if it is necessary to call for an emergency ambulance.

  • You can download a PDF copy of the poster HERE.

Called I-Stumble, the checklist includes questions to ask someone who has had a fall and the acronym provides a helpful reminder:

I = Intense pain

S= Suspected collapse

T = Trauma to neck/back/head

U =Unusual behaviour

M =Marked difficulty in breathing/chest pain

B =Bleeding freely

L = Loss of consciousness

E = Evidence of Fracture

In all 999 calls remember to keep resident: CALM, STILL & COMFORTABLE.

If any bleeding is present, apply constant direct pressure with a clean dressing.

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